Why are you walking against hunger this Lent?

When Lombeh was a baby, she was dangerously malnourished. 

She was so small she almost died. Her mum and dad, Amie and Mohammed, worked hard to keep her alive. 

With advice and support from Sister Anthonia and a group of nuns at a local CAFOD-funded healthcare clinic, Lombeh is now healthy and happy.  The Sisters taught Amie how to make a highly nutritious food paste from a traditional recipe – perfect for malnourished babies – and it helped Lombeh get better and grow.  

Now, Amie is teaching other new mums in her local community how to make the baby food and together, they are giving hunger its marching orders.

What's the solution?

£12 can buy the ingredients to make the highly nutritious sesame seed paste that helped Lombeh grow big and strong

Supported by donations to CAFOD, the Sisters in Lombeh and Amie’s community are also running cooking classes, holding outreach clinics, building greenhouses and funding seeds and training for farmers – all to stomp out hunger.

But there are 200 million children in the world like Lombeh whose lives are at risk from malnutrition right now.

This Lent, walk with us so that everyone can live their lives free from hunger.

Every £1,000 raised through Walk against Hunger can build a climate-resistant greenhouse in a remote community facing the worst of the climate crisis, and can teach local school children how to grow highly nutritious, healthy vegetables all year round.

Who are CAFOD?

We are an international development charity and the official aid agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

We believe in a world where we can reach every woman, man and child so that they can flourish. We are part of a global Church network with a local presence in 165 countries and territories. Together we make up one of the largest aid networks in the world.